With thanks

Creating Thyme Cottage has been a team effort and we have many people to thank. Below are some of those that have made a big difference; thank you!

Carina from Little Valley Ventures on Whitmore Vale (https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LittleValleyUK?ref=search_shop_redirect and https://www.facebook.com/groups/211685307097454)

Carina hand makes the soap for the cottage and provides an entirely home made or home grown welcome box for every guest – a big undertaking! Check out the links above to see more of what she does…

Korre Newell on Whitmore Vale

Korre helped us link the wifi to the house

Charlotte Valori website design (https://ceavalori.wordpress.com/)

Charlotte very kindly built this website along with the associated email system… and then refused to let us pay for it!

Paul at Beacon Hill Dry Cleaners (http://www.beaconhillcleaners.co.uk/)

Paul provides heavily discounted dry cleaning so you can have nice clean and crisp sheets. He even picks up and drops off the sheets for us too!

Milly and Sissy (https://millyandsissy.co.uk/)

Milly and Sissy provide eco, vegan and cruelty free shower gel for the cottage at their wholesale prices. We clean and then re-use the containers, the packaging is compostable and we add the water to reduce the carbon emissions of transport.

Cook in Haslemere (https://www.cookfood.net/shops/Haslemere) who very kindly provide a complimentary meal for every guest

Tilly and Simon Peck

They used to own the cottage and when they moved out they left the lovely furniture especially for the charity. This included the beautiful Welsh Dresser and the restored brass bed!

Our parents

Our parents have provided inspiration for us to help others where we can and practical help making decisions and improvements, the signs and poetry – thank you for everything!

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